Tightening the handle on an Electrolux built-in microwave

If you’ve got an Electrolux built-in microwave with the handle coming loose, or perhaps having even fallen off, it is not apparent how to fix it.  Hopefully you find this post and it saves you a huge amount of time.  My model EW30SO60QSA handle was about to fall off, and there is no obvious way to get to the screws holding it on.  I had found reference to other Electrolux owners having removed the glass panel from the front of the microwave door, so mistakenly assumed I needed to do the same.  It’s held on with adhesive, so it’s a big painful couple hours with a putty knife removing the adhesive to get the glass free.  I found out after the fact that this was not necessary.

The screws that hold the handle on are covered by a non-removable plastic back to the door; it gets snapped on after the glass has been stuck to the door and the handle screwed in.  You have to drill holes to get to the screw heads.  I didn’t know where exactly they were so cut away way too much material with a Dremel; hopefully this photo helps you know where to drill, just large enough to get the screwdriver through:

If you did already remove the glass, what you’ll need to reattach it is 3M VHB tape RP32 2″:  https://amzn.to/2XxzwcS


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  1. William ward

    I followed what you did but instead of using a Dremel I measured 3/4 inch down and a 1:2 in From side and used a 7/16 drill bit to drill a hole to reach the screws.

    It’s amazing that I was able to tighten the screws and fix the door

    Your YouTube video and pictures were perfect thank you so much for posting this and save me $800 to buy a new door


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