Welcome to my blog site.  As the years have come and gone, I’ve been amassing one document after another on my computer covering what the solution was to issues or goals that seemed to waste more time than they should have required to figure out.  I’ve decided to start turning these into public articles, as time allows, to hopefully help others not waste that time.  It of course assumes you’re good enough at using a search engine to find things, and that my writing is of a high enough quality to get the articles found; neither is necessarily a safe assumption lol.

Typical areas you’ll see articles touching on will be EMC storage, iSCSI, Cisco switches, routers and the Cisco UCS server platform, Brocade routers and switches, VMware, CentOS/RHEL or just linux in general, routing (BGP, OSPF/OSPFv3/IPv6/etc), web hosting, the piece of shit known as the Plesk control panel from Parallels, network management, system administration and backups.

Mixed in with the techie stuff will be some personal interests, and I have a pretty wide range of interests not often found together.

Finally, just as a full disclosure thing; if an article discusses a product of some sort, and that product can be purchased from Amazon, chances are I’ve included a link to the product in question.  Those links are tagged with my Amazon affiliate code.  If you click and buy, I get paid a very small amount.  Not a single item I link to is there because I make money; I’d have recommended the item in question regardless or it wouldn’t be discussed or included to begin with.  I just figured if I’m going to link to them either way, a few dollars to offset the cost of hosting the site might be nice.

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