Tightening the handle on an Electrolux built-in microwave

If you’ve got an Electrolux built-in microwave with the handle coming loose, or perhaps having even fallen off, it is not apparent how to fix it.  Hopefully you find this post and it saves you a huge amount of time.  My model EW30SO60QSA handle was about to fall off, and there is no obvious way to get to the screws holding it on.  I had found reference to other Electrolux owners having removed the glass panel from the front of the microwave door, so mistakenly assumed I needed to do the same.  It’s held on with adhesive, so it’s a big painful couple hours with a putty knife removing the adhesive to get the glass free.  I found out after the fact that this was not necessary.

The screws that hold the handle on are covered by a non-removable plastic back to the door; it gets snapped on after the glass has been stuck to the door and the handle screwed in.  You have to drill holes to get to the screw heads.  I didn’t know where exactly they were so cut away way too much material with a Dremel; hopefully this photo helps you know where to drill, just large enough to get the screwdriver through:

If you did already remove the glass, what you’ll need to reattach it is 3M VHB tape RP32 2″:  https://amzn.to/2XxzwcS


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  1. William ward

    I followed what you did but instead of using a Dremel I measured 3/4 inch down and a 1:2 in From side and used a 7/16 drill bit to drill a hole to reach the screws.

    It’s amazing that I was able to tighten the screws and fix the door

    Your YouTube video and pictures were perfect thank you so much for posting this and save me $800 to buy a new door

  2. Zach

    Thanks for the tip! I had a #1 ph bit from a computer repair kit so I got away with a 3/8″ hole but probably could have done 1/4″ with a #2.

  3. Philip Garlick

    Great help. Just used a small wood drill bit. The hole almost looks factory, so i didn’t bother to cover them. I actually removed the handle to tighten the ‘handle to mount’ allen key bolts. Between the two, the handle is now rock solid.

  4. Chris Carroll

    I followed the above measurements carefully drilling at the same location…amd VOILA!
    Perfect! Slid a narrow philips head over the loose screws, and tightened the handle
    like new! There’s NO reason NOT to do this. The holes are barely visible, and not
    in an area that the microwave is open to.
    You guys rock! Thanks SO much

  5. Dave

    Thanks for getting this figured out peeps. There’s probably many others having this ridiculous issue that they appear to have corrected on the newer model that now has a little square on each corner that you can pry up to tighten the screws. Obviously someone with no aptitude made this without a way to fix it; maybe just to force people to have to pay Electrolux $800-$900 for a new door because of a loose screw – really.

    Drilled with a 3/8″ bit, 5/8″ down and 1/2″ from the side and saved my hard-earned money.

  6. Madeleine

    Fabulous, all fixed!
    BTW, when I called Electrolux they indeed quoted me ~$800 for a new door…and then informed me the door is not even available in stock anyway.
    Also, word to the wise: the front of my 5 1/2 y.o. oven is ~22″ in height, whereas the phone agent said comparable Electrolux replacement ovens (which cost over $2000) are only ~19″ high…so wouldn’t even fit the space properly anyway. Now I just hope this oven lasts longer than us in this house!

  7. Jonathan

    Can you please help with the you tube video link and the steps?
    I also have a similar issue, but the handle came off and the screws dropped inside the panel.
    Appreciate your help.

    • Your Mom Post author

      I don’t know of a way to remove that panel; that’s why I had to drill a hole into it. I think to get a lost screw out of it you’d probably need to take the whole door off and tip it upside down to get the screw to come back out the hole you created. You could try using a strong magnet to get it to the hole easily. Or, just leave the screw in there and put a new one in; that’s probably what I’d do, you’ll never hear it down in there anyway.


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