Cheapter Than Dirt screws gun owners

If you’re a gun owner / enthusiast, here are two absolute truths:

1) The government and anti-gun activists will continue to try to erode your rights relating to guns.

2) When any event occurs that threatens your rights, Cheaper Than Dirt will do their best to take advantage of the situation by increasing their prices on existing inventory well beyond profiteering, they screw gun owners to an extent seen nowhere else.


At the end of 2012 when an insane guy stole a gun and shot a bunch of people at a Newtown Connecticut school, there was a lot of talk of a new push to make high capacity magazines illegal.  I figured I’d buy some more magazines for my various weapons just in case that actually did happen.  I ended up at Cheaper Than Dirt’s website.  They were selling 30-round Magpul PMAG’s for $180.  These normally cost $15 to $20.  Just out of random curiosity, I clicked around for other items; everything had been jacked up.  They had a 100 round Glock drum magazine for over $1000.  18 round magazines for my Sig pistols were in the mid $100’s.

I was able to buy the PMAG’s I was looking for from for $29/each, and they were sold out a day later.  That I found reasonable.  They raised the going street price by $9.  I get it, you stock something, something makes it suddenly highly sought after, you raise the price.  Their price increase was not excessive, what Cheaper Than Dirt does is not reasonable, it’s an insult to gun owners and they don’t deserve the business of gun owners.

Here we are in 2015 and they’re back at it again.  Emperor Obama has decided that since he can’t find a way to ban the AR15 rifle, he’ll avoid the legislative process and use executive order to have the ATF classify the most common AR15 round as ‘armor piercing’ so it will no longer be possible to legally purchase it.  Well, what does good ol’ Cheaper Than Dirt do?  You know it, jack the price up.  223/556 ammo that had finally settled back down into the 25 to 30 cents per round range immediately went up to $1.25+/round.

if you’ve had a similar experience with them, post about it on the following facebook page I found:

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