Why do US ISP’s suck?

Just going to make this a page to call out bad ISP’s on all the stupid things they do.


  • I’ve been trying to get Verizon to give me IPv6 service on their FiOS Internet for seven years (late 2007-2015), still just get the runaround.  They don’t even offer it on the business side (Business FiOS) of that product.  It’s been working just fine on the wireless side for years though.  Can someone please let the wire guys borrow a few of the wireless guys to tell them how to set it up?
  • I just moved and had to give up my great FiOS (if we’re talking strictly IPv4) service for Bright House cable.  No IPv6 there either.  It’s “being studied”.  I said it’s been studied for a few decades now, studies have concluded it works great, now it’s time for you to roll it out like Comcast has been able to do nationwide, for over a year.

Symmetric speeds:

  • In 2015, for over $100/mo after tax, the best Bright House can do for me is a 5 (!!) Mbit/sec upload speed.  WTF?!  The 75 Mbit down is mostly reliable, but I haven’t had a 5 Mbit upload in over ten years until moving to this wonderful new market.  My old FiOS service was $70/mo and was 35 up and down, but even before they went symmetric, it was 15 up from back in 2007.  Pitiful.


  • I just requested a static IPv4 from Bright House.  They need to send a technician out to my house.  ROFL.  I have their cable modem in bridge mode and use my own firewall; the only thing that needs to happen is giving me an IP and updating their side to expect me to use it, then I plug it in.  This is why my fucking bill is so high; sending techs and equipment to a house to hand someone a paper with an IP address on it.

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