Holy Jesus EMC, can you pay for a faster internet connection?

Yes, the same company that charges $300k+ for an XtremIO brick, apparently runs their customer support and software download network on a T1 from 1994.  Okay, it’s not quite that bad, but close.  This has been the case for at least five or six years since I’ve been using EMC hardware and software, so it’s not a new issue.  How does a $54 billion dollar tech company have such ridiculously horrible connectivity?

Today’s example:  I’m trying to do a combination of download code for a VNX array upgrade, and also am uploading files to support.  Here’s how that download is going:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.58.23 AM

Although two are done, they were running at about the same <750 KB/sec rate, so we’ll just call it 24 Mbit/sec.  The upload is far more pitiful, getting a whopping 2.3 Mbit/sec there:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.56.58 AM


Or maybe I’m not, it has been stuck at 71.37 MB for ten minutes.  Let’s start the f’ing thing over again.

In any case, this is pitiful performance.  Based on a crude speed test, I’d say the issue is not on my side:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.17.55 AM

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