nCipher HSM Speed Comparison

This is just taken from nCipher postings, but I like to have it around for personal reference:

The table below correlates each nShield Model with its corresponding Speed Index.
Model           Speed Index
Edge            12
500             544
1500            1506
6000            5792
500+            552
1500+           1504
6000+           4512
XC Base         478
XC SCAP         5343
XC Mid          7922
XC High         15843


There is also a Speed Index in the Server Section of the command, enquiry. This is the sum of the speed index of all the modules the server can access.


Model numbers
Model numbering conventions are used to distinguish different nShield hardware security
devices. In the table below, n represents any single digit integer.
Model number Used for
NH2047 nShield Connect 6000
NH2040 nShield Connect 1500
NH2033 nShield Connect 500
NH2068 nShield Connect 6000+
NH2061 nShield Connect 1500+
NH2054 nShield Connect 500+
NH2075-B nShield Connect XC Base
NH2075-M nShield Connect XC Medium
NH2075-H nShield Connect XC High
NH2082 nShield Connect XC SCAP
NH2089-B nShield Connect XC Base - Serial Console
NH2089-M nShield Connect XC Mid - Serial Console
NH2089-H nShield Connect XC High - Serial Console
NH3003-B nShield Connect CLX Base - Serial Console
NH3003-M nShield Connect CLX Mid - Serial Console
NH3003-H nShield Connect CLX High - Serial Console
nC2021E-000, NCE2023E-000 nToken PCIe
nC3nnnE-nnn, nC4nnnE-nnn nShield Solo PCIe
nC30n5E-nnn, nC40n5E-nnn nShield Solo XC PCIe
nC30nnU-10, nC40nnU-10 nShield Edge

Anyone know how the PCI cards compare, and/or why the 6000 seems to be faster than the newer 6000+?

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