SCP’ing an image inbound to an Arista switch

Just a quick article on what you need to do to be able to SCP an image into an Arista switch:

  • Obviously have SSH enabled; password or key-based auth are fine
  • The username you use must be defined explicitly with “privilege 15” as part of the definition, so it will look like this perhaps:
username switchAdmin privilege 15 role network-admin secret sha512 $6$NUZLSDs3xgFL4q54hp4c
username switchAdmin sshkey ssh-rsa NUZLSDs3xgFL4q54hp4c...Code language: PHP (php)
  • If you’re trying to modify a user who already exists to add the priv 15 part, but do not want to risk resetting their password, do not worry, if you simply type “username switchAdmin privilege 15” by itself, it will add it to that user without changing their role and without changing the password hash.
  • Last but not least:
aaa authorization exec default localCode language: JavaScript (javascript)
  • That puts your user in privileged mode automatically, otherwise you won’t have permission to scp the image into the flash.
  • Now you should be able to:
scp EOS-4.22.13M.swi admin@rtr:/mnt/flash/Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

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