GoGo Wireless

Rant time; just wanted to voice my frustration about how utterly shitty GoGo’s wifi service often is on planes.  If you’re a business traveler, you’ve undoubtedly run into this before:

but don’t waste your time trying to contact support; if you can’t connect to begin with, the system isn’t going to magically have connectivity either:


What’s really annoying is that you’ll get the splash screen even when there’s a complete failure between plane and ground, so you think you might eventually talk to someone, but you won’t.


Even when it does work though, the service still sucks.  I mean look how long it takes to load their own home page from the plane; 13.21 seconds!!

I’ve often flown Delta solely to get the GoGo, but between the continued devaluing of the rewards program, the ‘gate lice’ bullshit where everyone crowds the boarding gate like cattle heading to a slaughter, and the wifi not working more often than not, I’m losing my interesting in continuing to fly them.  C’est La Vie.

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