Need a copy of Prompt v2.1.2 for iOS?

If you’re a hard core ssh user and utilize the excellent Prompt SSH app for iOS devices, you may have screwed yourself when upgrading to their recent 2.5.x release series.  In version 2.1.2, if you used key-based authentication, stored a server, and turned on agent forwarding, all was well in the world.  You’d start Prompt, pick your server, make your connection, enter your pass phrase, and then agent forwarding would carry you on to other servers where the same key is present without issue.

Enter version 2.5.  They changed things in a way where agent forwarding no longer works unless you choose to save your SSH pass phrase on your portal iOS device.  Obviously that’s a horribly stupid thing to do if you care about security, so if you upgraded to Prompt 2.5 and relied on agent forwarding, you probably have found 2.5 to be useless.

I did an iPad restore to get back the old version after mine auto updated.  Well, I found out the hard way that iTunes Backup does not actually back up the application files, it just backs up their data.  If you do a restore, you get the latest and greatest version from the App Store.  Fortunately I had a copy of the Prompt 2.1.2 ipa file stored on one of my computers as a result of syncing multiple devices to it.  If you need it, I’ll attach a copy to this article below.  To use it, just download to your computer, open iTunes, go to File menu, click Add To Library, pick the ipa file, it will show up in your Applications list.  Click the Install button and iTunes will install it on your iOS device just like normal.  Obviously you’re trusting that the file I’m giving you is legit, but I think the App Store signature or whatever security measures Apple has in place protect you; not positive on that, have never tried to install a non-App Store app in this manner.


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