Connecting EMC NaviCLI to a Clariion CX4

This probably works from Unix too but in any case, I had to do the following to finally get navicli working from a Windows XP box (old due to EMC software requirements, ESRS for example):

  1. Download the latest NaviCLI for Windows from EMC’s support site (what used to be Power Link).  As of Nov 2013 it’s NaviCLI-Win-32-x86-en_US-
  2. Install.  It will ask you if you want to set up secure storage for credentials.  I chose the answer yes but never found where that actually does anything.  I don’t know if choosing no will hurt your efforts to get this working later on.
  3. Chose the option to add NaviCLI to the path.
  4. Complete install.
  5. Run this command to clear out the credential storage:
    naviseccli -RemoveUserSecurity
  6. Now this one to store your credentials for the array in question, with IP address, username USERNAME, password “PASSWORD”.  Note I have double quotes around the password; this successfully allows you to use a password with symbols from the command line.  I ran into an issue there too until I quoted it.
    naviseccli -AddUserSecurity -User USERNAME -password "PASSWORD" -h -scope 0
  7. Run a simple command to see if it worked; for example this one will list all of your LUNs and their parameters:
    naviseccli -h getlun -uid -rg -type -drivetype -capacity

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