Sneaking booze into stadiums or cruise ships!

Are you as f’ing sick and tired of drink prices at stadiums or on cruises as me?  Or does your favorite team play in a dry (ouch!) or beer-only stadium?  My local NFL team plays in a stadium where you can only get liquor drinks in the ritzy ‘club’ section, but even if you spring for those tickets and get in there, the drinks are in the $12+ range for just a simple weak measured-pour rum and coke.  Thanks local team; I came to support you, not get butt raped.

Anyway, here’s the solution:

Now you can sneak your liquor in easily; no metal = no metal detector or wanding is going to find it.  Buy yourself a big ass unlimited refill 32oz fountain drink (I’m sure that will still be $10 or $15) and you’ve got your own private bar at your seat.  The small ones are great for stadiums, the large ones are apparently great for sneaking larger amounts of booze onto cruises where you really get screwed on drink prices, for days at a time.

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