Brickleberry rips off Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Okay, I’m a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and I’m a fan of Brickleberry.  I’m watching the latter this evening, specifically the “My Favorite Bear” episode (season 2 episode 12) and there’s this recurring plastic surgery joke going with Malloy continuously tricking Woody into  having more and more procedures done to improve his looks, which are “great, but….”  Anyway, I kept thinking this seems really familiar like someone had done this joke before, then I finally remembered where it was from; a complete rip off of the “Super Model” episode (season 2 episode 5 from June 2003) of ATHF where Meatwad does the same exact thing to Shake with the same lines; i.e. wow now you look really great, except….


and Brickleberry (@4:50, 8:30, 11:40)

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